Sunday, May 20, 2012


[obviously there's nothing productive to do]

Watched the news earlier and saw people having protests to stop Lady Gaga's concert and some people had a prayer vigil. THE HELL?! Surely they have a point about Gaga's lyrics being anti-Christ, but no one is forcing them to listen or watch Gaga's songs and videos. The concert isn't televised so therefore, they have no way to watch unless to bought a 15k worth of ticket to watch. We all have the freedom to watch and listen to anything we want. Philippines is a Catholic country but that doesn't mean everyone is Catholic or even Christian. And also, there are a lot of important things to be focused on (Shoal wars, CJ Corona, Education, LGBT issues etc.) rather than Lady Gaga. So I hope that they will be open-minded about these things rather imposing on what they believe in.

By the way, My Co-Worker back in Sitel was in the news, He was stabbed and pushed out of a running bus Sunday Morning. Please pray for Juan Paolo Arizala's soul and justice as well. 

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