Friday, May 18, 2012

A Farewell

[To tired to draw tonight so might as well try to blog]

Today, I returned the headset that I used when I was working. I was not really in the mood to do it but I was forced to[by my ever controlling aunt *no offense*]. I didn't want to return it since I will be obliged to visit my office and this makes me feel sad since I really didn't want to resign, but this certain reason made me do it. To be honest, I was quite enjoying that hassle of being a Call center agent though the workload keeps adding  up every month. I actually gained a lot of friends[and pounds] when I was working, and I still try to be connected with them.

So after the office thingy, I met with some classmates in Greenbelt 3 because they were going to treat me dinner today, its actually like a graduation treat since they will be graduating later[Congratulations!] ande ac they actually spent P2800 for the dinner. Its actually a big amoutn but we were actually 12 so its no problem though I wish we ate at Gilligans since we always eat at Papa Johns and I'm starting to hate the taste of pizza! :)

OK! Im tired of trying to type random things tonight, so this will be it for tonight today!

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